Wednesday, 23 September 2009


for early may

the days are hot for early may.
the night is fine
the kids are fine especially.
every beginning has its magic
and grants protection for our life.
i begin to think of you
you are 65 this year
you are 96 this year.
und jedem anfang wohnt ein zauber inne
der uns beschuetzt, und der uns hilft zu leben.
we wish you happy mother's day
i have known you both for 40 years
my mother and my grandmother
and now you get to know our kids.
the day is hot. there was some rain
the earth is parched again today.
we have a roof
and bread on the shelf
we have it warm
and water on tap
it's nice that way.
and we have a bed.
oh lord, if everybody
had all that.

MW May 2007

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