Wednesday, 23 September 2009

all souls' day

all souls' day

many people have died. there was an earthquake. no, i mean famous people. tony hillerman. great author. mystery novels, navaho lore. the former mayor of vienna. and the most famous of them all, our great rightist. i feel an inner emptiness. read our exclusive interview with the widow on all souls day. maybe he should have died earlier. the rightist? much earlier. the former mayor? he was a great guy, everyone says. helped with the start of vienna's jewish museum. very popular. lost his right hand opening a letter bomb. no, he really was very popular. but he was against the chancellor. who cares about the austrian chancellor? he wasn't bad at all. he's still chancellor, actually, but everybody talks about him in the past tense since summer. red man walking, that was a caption from a press conference with hardly any reporters there. the red and the black. and the greens. and the blues. very strong in austria. so they had another election. everybody said it was coming. and he wasn't all that popular. that's what they always said. though he had won in 2006. red majority again. no rightists in government anymore. only the black ones. who cares? so if he had not been around, i mean the former mayor, they would have had another election anyway. which was really unpopular, but nobody cared. it was good for the blues.

MW November 2008

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