Tuesday, 29 September 2009



we were discussing poetry
the one in scots was very good
and we had a dog with us
reading fathers' hands aloud
we were having memories
back in 1989
didn't hear of tibet then
it was early in the year
at the time i was in taiwan
haven't found the shadow yet
shadow on the other side
there my son broke through the ice
actually there was no ice
when we stepped down from the island
it was getting warm already
we had asked a little girl
did she think the ice was safe
they were swimming in a hole
they have done it every year
it was getting warm already
no more skating on the ice
a touch of blue
the sky was fine
not far from here
in memory
we walked across the shichahai
we walked the ice
the island round
my son broke in
up to the leg
the beijing sky
back in 1989
i remember january
didn't hear of tibet then
my father's hands
his hands were warm
when i was small
we were discussing poetry
we climbed out on the other side
we warmed up in a coffee shop
and then we took a taxi home
actually we took a bus
yesterday back from the lake
it is early march this year
actually it's not so early
it's the middle of the month
please remember carefully

MW March 2008

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