Thursday, 29 July 2010



we're not that nice
we suck up ants
or vacuum them if you prefer
the proper word
we are of rather mixed descent
and heritage we come from here
and there are many lands
we're from or relatives of us have lived
have fled or marched or killed were sent
were held did dwell found work and died
in many lands as I have said
so we eat pork we eat all kinds
of vegetables and additives
we can afford to pick and choose
our words and tongues to some extent
the languages we speak and read
include chinese and latvian
we write chinese I don't speak dutch
or latvian but I have learned
some french and some romanian
some russian and I understand
some people sometimes but not all
not all the people every time
speak japanese or german bless allah
the lands and berries we are from
the pines the birch and chestnut trees
the oaks the roses everywhere
on walls the many kinds of leaves
and bless the ants bless all the bugs
we eat root out produce pass on
god bless the sand the waves the gulls
the rain the playmates and the wind
the sounds our son has formed the feet
the words and phrases we can hear
god bless the fear to overcome
to run to try to start anew
god bless us when we like the land
god bless us when we like our kind
god bless us when we feel the sun
we'll come again we leave and pray
god bless us all when we are done

MW July 2010

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