Friday, 2 September 2011

Třebíč 八月 15, 2011

Trebic its dry again at least the road it doesn’t rain and monday is in swing outside we haven’t climbed the tower yet and haven’t seen the old big church they only let you in at times with tours in Czech. That’s quite ok but we were hungry yesterday. this is a very special town the Jewish side is well preserved the church is big. you should go in and under ground. and in the back behind the altar, painted walls and ceiling, 13th century. St. Procop is the guardian subdues a Vulcan, chained and black. it all ends here. that’s what they say for harry potter, in 3D. the alleys right behind the square have dramas with the local gangs. don’t worry, there’s enough police. the railway bridge, the cemetery the hills around this scarred old town the swallows in the corridors the traveller’s inn, in znojmo too the walls of Jevišovice Hluboké Mašůvky and such the venus and the pottery well worth a visit, everything. MW August 2011

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