Tuesday, 29 December 2009


New World - Hung Hung

Most beautiful are the events that never happened
Most hard to forget is what doesn't happen again
Most painful is what should not have happened
Or how about mixing these three
Since the world cannot become how I like it
Since I cannot become how you like me
And since you can't become how the world likes you
How about mixing these three
Like a fruit blender, stir up the nutrients and drink it down
Like a washing machine, stir up the dirt and drain it out
Or like a theory of the universe I don't understand
Shrink everything and let it explode
To become a new universe
And over there
There will be a star
day and night are separated
Fish are crawling out of the sea
and strive to become the dinosaurs

Published in Mingdao Literature and Arts 401, August 2009

MW Tr. August 2009


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